Product Range:


SIGMAT RET ODAOxidative Desizing Agent Compatible With High Alkaline Medium
SIGMAT RET OTSPowerful Anionic Wetting and Re-Wetting Agent in Liquid Form
SIGMAT RET RSWHigh Performance Wetting and Emulsifying Agent for Cotton Scouring
SIGMAT RET NIWEconomical Non-Ionic Wetting Agent for Processing in High Liquor Machines
SIGMA TRET E-40APEO free Specialty for Pretreatment of Cotton
SIGMA TRET ES-60Highly Effective Scouring & Emulsifying agent for Processing of Natural & Synthetic Fabrics
SIGMA TRET NFWSUnique Product For Yarn Scouring in Package Form
SIGMA TRET KLFLow Foaming Wetting & Scouring Agent for Knit Processing
SIGMA TRET MFPAMultifunctional Pretreatment Aid
SIGMA TRET PSAA Unique Scouring Agent For Polyester With Good Cleansing Properties
SIGMA RCE NC2SAn Economical Rapid Alkali Penetrating Agent For Cotton Mercerization
SIGME RCE NCsoHigh concentrate Low Foaming Mercering Agent
SIGMAS TAB PSCRSIGMAS TAB PSCR Excellent Stabilization Of peroxide In Continuous Processing Of Cotton
SIGMA STAB PSAn Organic Peroxide Stabilizer For Cotton Yarn Packages
SIGMA STAB PSMCUnique Stabilization To Peroxide With Metal Chelation For High Whiteness
SIGMA CLARE RC&A Unique Product To Eliminate Chlorine From Fabric.


SIGMA TEX ACFoamless Shear Stable Crease Marks Preventing Agent For Cellolosics
SIGMA TEX MLDLeveling Agent with Dispersion Properties Based on Migration Theory
SIGMA TEX PDLMulti Functional Specialty with pH Regulation, Dispersing & Leveling Properties
SIGMA TEX PCRAcid Buffer to Maintain pH in Polyester Processing
SIGMA QUEST HTSHigh temperature stable sequestering agent
SIGMA DYE PLAnti Coagulating and Leveling Agent for Reactive Dyeing
SIGMA FIX EFNFormaldehyde Free Dye Fixing Agent
SIGMA FIX CFALow Formaldehyde Wet Fastness Improving Agent
SIGMA DET EDAn APEO free low Foaming Nonionic Washing Off Speciality
SIGMA DET WS LiqWashing Off Agent With Anti Re Depositing Properties


SIGMA SOFT NCSCationic softener with Polysiloxane to impart excellent surface smoothness and bulk
SIGMA SOFT BISCationic softener with Bulkiness and Internal Softness without Tonal Variation
SIGMA SOFT YRNCationic Polysiloxane for Yarn Lubrication and Bulk
SIGMA SOFT LSINon yellowing Specialty For Improving Sew Ability Of Knits With Excellent Lubricity
SIGMA FEEL TERModified Polymeric Softener for Excellent Hydrophilicity & Softness on Terry Towel
SIGMA SIL IS50High Sheer Stable Silicone Emulsion To Impart Inner Softness With Smooth Surface Feel
SIGMA SIL AM50Concentrated Micro Amino Silicon Emulsion
SIGMA SIL ES35Reactive Polysiloxane To Impart Extra Softness With Minimal Yellowing / DuIIing
SIGMA SIL ES50Modified Piperidine Based Concentrated Micro Amino Emulsion
TERRYFIN HS30Hydrophilic Premium Grade Softener For Terry Towels
SIGMA SOFT EP300Modified Polyethelene Emulsion For Textile Finishing
SIGMA SOFT 3507A Special Finishing Agent To Give Bulk & Fullness & Softness
SIGMA SOFT SKCationically Modified Polymeric Finish For Knits


SIGMA ZYME AGA Powerful Enzyme System To Remove The Starch From The Sized Textiles
SIGMA ZYME AG-CHigh Temperature and High Activity Desizing Enzyme
SIGMA ZYME CONCHigh Activity α or α-Amalyase Enzyme in Concentrated Form
Enzyme Based Formulation To eliminate Residual Peroxide After Bleaching
SIGMA ZYME BPSpecialty Enzyme Formulation For Effective Bio Polishing Without Color Loss
SIGMA FED LiqHigh Abrasion Enzyme for Denims
SIGMA ZYME ACXConcentrated Acid Cellulase For Bio- Polishing Of Knits
SIGMA ZYME CONCBio polishing and Fading Specialty With Powerful Activity for Fashion Industry

Our New Products

  1. Benzalkorium Chloride (Waste Water treatment Plants)
  2. CoCo Dieffenol Amide (Cosmetics Industry)
  3. Methyl Soyare (Pesticides Formulation)
  4. Optical Brightness For Textiles (Paper & Detergent Industries)