Panasonic Mixer Grinder Review

Panasonic Mixer Grinder Review

Panasonic is a known name when it comes to reliable home appliances, the appliances are well equipped with all the functions and are loaded with features. Among various Panasonic home appliances, the mixer grinders are highly liked by people. The motor is super powerful and comes with 550-watt power.

The performance of mixer grinder is excellent and it can even be used to grind idli, dal batter. The overall life is really good, Japanese technology is really nice when it comes to grind the food particles. This is the reason, it is considered one of the best mixer grinders in India.


The Panasonic mixer grinder has a classy look and it will impress you on the very first go. The compact size makes it the best choice for a small kitchen which does not have much storage option.

The mixer grinder comes with 4 jars to ensure all the food processing like grinding, blending, whipping and mixing is done at ease.  Cleaning the mix is super easy, as the parts are detachable.

The Panasonic mixer grinder and jars are highly durable. the Panasonic mixer grinder is available in 3 color i,e, black, white and silver. Each main unit comes with 4 jars to make kitchen work easy. The juice jar is made with polycarbonate material. Remaining 3 jars are made with high-grade stainless steel.


The Panasonic mixer grinder is strong and is perfect for grinding items like coconut, cinnamon, and other dry spices. The powerful 550 W motor ensures everything is guided well. The end product is well powder into fine particles.

The speed and durability of the mixer grinder are best. Panasonic is best as compared to the other famous home appliances brand. The speed controlling knob is smooth, transition from one mode to another is swift.

The best part about Panasonic mixer grinder is the excellent safety measure which ensures the jar lid cannot be operated if it is not closed well. If the jar is not fixed well in the main unit, it will not run.  The safety of Panasonic mixer grinder is excellent.


The Panasonic mixer grinders are highly durable and the life is also long. the best part is, the jars and main unit is sturdy. The dual locking system ensure complete user safety. The main unit won’t run until safety is ensured well. It is the only mixer grinder which comes with 550-watt motor, rest all mixer grinder offer similar heavy duty with 750 watts. The chutney jar can hold up to 400 ml.


The only cons are the lid can pop up which running the grinder for too long. Moreover, it might take a few days to understand locking the jars and lids well. The washer of chutney jar tends to get loose with regular use. You may experience overflow of jar content while using the mixer grinder, it can be avoided by placing your hands-on top of the jar while running the main unit.

Overall, Panasonic mixer grinders are reliable, effective and safest option when it comes to home appliances. The powerful 550-watt motor does the food processing effectively.

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